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Posted: Sunday, May 10, 2015 6:15 pm

By JOHN RUSSO, Staff Writer

Flyers fans will have the opportunity of a lifetime this summer to skate with some of their favorite former players.

The first Philadelphia Flyers Alumni Fantasy Camp comes to Atlantic City on Aug. 21-24 at the Flyers Skate Zone.

"It'll definitely be one of the neater Flyers-related things we've had down here," said Jared Siganuk, the general manager at Flyers Skate Zone in Atlantic City.

The fantasy camp will come less than a year after the Flyers practiced at Boardwalk Hall on Nov. 9 in front of 4,561 fans. In previous years, the Albany Devils of the American Hockey League have held home games at Boardwalk Hall.

The fantasy camp's four-day package costs $3,000 and is limited to anyone 21 or older. Like many other fantasy camps run by professional sports teams, the event will provide adult hockey players with an opportunity to interact with former Flyers players and legends on and off the ice.

The package includes overnight accommodations at Bally's Atlantic City for three nights, a practice session coached by former Flyers players and four games consisting of three 15-minute periods. Participants will also receive game and practice jerseys with name and number as well as socks and a handful of evening events and other unique souvenirs.

The participating alumni are Andre Dupont, Todd Fedoruk, Bob Kelly, Ian Laperriere, Bernie Parent, Brian Propp, Dave Schultz and Joe Watson.

"It'll be great for the adults who would remember those players in contrast to having kids who are in our building who wouldn't have such a recollection of them," Siganuk said.

There will be four teams made up of 18 players each, and each team will be coached by two Flyers alumni members. When registering, all players will be asked for their skill ranking, graded as A, B or C, to ensure a balance among the four teams.

On Aug. 22, each team will have a 60-minute practice. Later in the day, a round-robin tournament will begin among the four teams. On Aug. 23, the last of the round-robin play will occur and on Aug. 24, the consolation and championship games will be held.

To register for the fantasy camp, go to by June 1.

If the event is canceled because of lack of enrollment or for any other reason, the Flyers will return all money by no later than June 15, 2015."

Siganuk said the fantasy camp was organized by Bob Kelly, who is on the Flyers Alumni executive board and one of the Flyers' ambassadors. Atlantic City also has a lot more to offer as a city for the people who sign up, Siganuk added.

"I mean, with everything that's going on in Atlantic City, they need something good going on," he said. "We've been a part of the community for the last 15 years. It's a nice thing for people to look forward to: to have a Flyers experience."

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